Family Worship Resources

Family Worship Resources are created to help you read, study the Bible, pray, and worship together as a family. It also includes helpful tips for making family worship appropriate for children of different ages. See below to find our current resources to assist you with Family Worship.

October 1
God prepares Israel for deliverance • Exodus 1:1–2:25
Principle: God has compassion for His people.
Ask Your Child: Why did Pharaoh decide to kill all of the Israelites’ baby boys?
Apply: By crying out to God for help in times of trouble.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 1–2.
Next Week: Exodus 3
October 8
God raises Moses to leads Israel • Exodus 3:1–4:31
Principle: God’s plans cannot be stopped.
Ask Your Child: What did God call Moses to do?
Apply: By trusting God because His plans are perfect.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 3.
Next Week: Exodus 7–10
October 15
God sends plagues on Egypt • Exodus 7:1–10:29
Principle: God is awesome and powerful.
Ask Your Child: Why did God send the plagues?
Apply: By telling other people about God’s greatness.
This Week: As a family, read portions of Exodus 7–10.
Next Week: Exodus 12–13
October 22
God ordains the Passover • Exodus 14:1–13:22
Principle: God is merciful and sovereign.
Ask Your Child: What was God’s final judgment on Egypt?
Apply: By trusting Christ as the final Passover lamb.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 12–13.
Next Week: Exodus 14–15
October 29
God parts the Red Sea • Exodus 14:1–15:21
Principle: God wants us to trust and praise Him for His power.
Ask Your Child: How did the Israelites escape the Egyptian army?
Apply: By praising God for His mighty deeds.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 14–15.
Next Week: Exodus 15:22–17:7