Family Worship Resources

Family Worship Resources are created to help you read, study the Bible, pray, and worship together as a family. It also includes helpful tips for making family worship appropriate for children of different ages. See below to find our current resources to assist you with Family Worship.


3/10 God uses Esther to protect His people

This Week: As a family, read Esther 1:1–10:3.
Principle: Believers trust in God’s plan, power, and protection.
Ask Your Child: What events led to God’s protection of the Jews?
Apply: By praising God, who controls every event.

3/17 God uses Daniel to interpret the king’s dream

This Week: As a family, read Daniel 2:1–49.
Principle: Man will be comforted or warned by God’s sovereign plan for human history.
Ask Your Child: How did Daniel find out about Nebuchadnezzar’s dream?
Apply: By repenting before God’s kingdom comes.


3/24 God protects Daniel’s friends

This Week: As a family, read Daniel 3:1–30.
Principle: Believers die to themselves and worship the Lord.
Ask Your Child: Why did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego disobey the king?
Apply: By worshiping the Lord as his first priority.


3/31 God humbles Nebuchadnezzar

This Week: As a family, read Daniel 4:1–37.
Principle: Believers humble themselves before God Most High.
Ask Your Child: Why was Nebuchadnezzar punished?
Apply: By praising God for how He has made us and for what He has given to us.


4/7 The Son of Man anticipates His death

This Week: As a family, read Luke 22:7–20, 39–46.
Principle: Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb of God.
Ask Your Child: What is the significance and symbolism of the Passover?
Apply: By thanking God for sending His Son to be the perfect sacrifice for sin.


4/14 The Son of Man is crucified

This Week: As a family, read Luke 22:47–53; 23:26–49.
Principle: Jesus died as a substitute for sinners.
Ask Your Child: Why was it necessary for Jesus to die?
Apply: By trusting that Jesus is the only way to heaven. With Easter coming up, as a family, prepare your hearts with the anticipation for the resurrection!


4/21 Easter Sunday! The Son of Man is resurrected

This Week: As a family, read Luke 23:50–24:53.
Principle: Believers should tell unbelievers about Christ’s resurrection.
Ask Your Child: What instructions did Jesus give the disciples before returning to heaven?
Apply: By telling others that forgiveness of sin comes through repentance and faith in Jesus.