Family Worship Resources

Family Worship Resources are created to help you read, study the Bible, pray, and worship together as a family. It also includes helpful tips for making family worship appropriate for children of different ages. See below to find our current resources to assist you with Family Worship.


10/27 Jesus confronts the rich young ruler

This Week: As a family, read Matthew 19:16–26.
Principle: Believers are called to count the cost of eternal life and follow Christ.
Ask Your Child: Why did the rich, young ruler go away sad?
Apply: By asking Christ to reveal anything in his/her heart that he/she is unwilling to give up for Him.

11/3  Jesus teaches the parable of the equal wages

This Week: As a family, read Matthew 19:27–20:16.
Principle: God demonstrates His sovereign grace to whoever He chooses.
Ask Your Child: What does the parable of the laborers reveal about God?
Apply: By remembering that God is sovereign over whom He saves and rewards.


11/10 Jesus enters Jerusalem

This Week: As a family, read Luke 19:28–44.
Principle: Jesus is worthy of praise and obedience.
Ask Your Child: What were the crowds shouting as Jesus entered Jerusalem?
Apply: By obeying Jesus as King in every area of life.


11/17 Jesus teaches the parable of landowner

This Week: As a family, read portions of Mark 12:1–12.
Principle: There is a terrible consequence for rejecting Christ.
Ask Your Child: What did Jesus teach the Pharisees in the parable of the landowner?
Apply: By warning those who reject Christ of the coming judgment.

11/24 Jesus teaches the parable of the talents

This Week: As a family, read Matthew 25:14–30.
Principle: God gave gifts to believers to faithfully further God’s kingdom.
Ask Your Child: Why was the master happy with the servants who earned more
Apply: By rejoicing that God rewards faithful people.