Family Worship Resources

Family Worship Resources are created to help you read, study the Bible, pray, and worship together as a family. It also includes helpful tips for making family worship appropriate for children of different ages. See below to find our current resources to assist you with Family Worship.


1/6 WEEK 24: God gives Solomon wisdom

This Week: As a family, read 1 Kings 2:1–4; 3:3–15.
Principle: We are unable to obey God without His help.
Ask Your Child: What did Solomon ask for, and how did God give it to him?
Apply: By asking God for the wisdom to obey Him.

1/13 WEEK 25: God’s glory fills the temple

This Week: As a family, read 1 Kings 8:1–9:9.
Principle: Christians must learn to depend on God’s faithfulness.
Ask Your Child: How was God faithful in today’s lesson?
Apply: By rejoicing that God is faithful.

1/20 WEEK 26: God punishes Solomon

This Week: As a family, read 1 Kings 11:1–43.
Principle: We should love God wholeheartedly.
Ask Your Child: Why did God punish Solomon?
Apply: By praying for the Lord’s deliverance from temptation.

1/27 WEEK 27: God punishes Jeroboam

This Week: As a family, read 1 Kings 12:1–33; 14:1–18.
Principle: Christians enjoy the blessings of obedience to God’s Word.
Ask Your Child: What were the consequences of Jeroboam’s disobedience?
Apply: By realizing that God punishes those who disobey His Word.

2/3 WEEK 28: Elijah and the prophets of Baal

This Week: As a family, read 1 Kings 16:29–17:1; 18:1–2, 17–46.
Principle: God’s supremacy is demonstrated through humble obedience.
Ask Your Child: How was God glorified through the events on Mount Carmel?
Apply: By demonstrating God’s supremacy by submitting to and worshiping Him.

2/10 WEEK 29: God is glorified by protecting Judah

This Week: As a family, read 2 Kings 18:1–19:37.
Principle: God always will glorify His name.
Ask Your Child: How did God answer Hezekiah’s prayer?
Apply: By repenting of not glorifying God in actions and words.

2/17 WEEK 30: God punishes Judah

This Week: As a family, read 2 Kings 21:1–18; 24:1–25:30.
Principle: God hates and punishes all sin.
Ask your child: What did God promise would happen after Israel repented?
Apply: By hating sin as God does.

2/24 WEEK 31: God shows mercy to Jonah and Nineveh

This Week: As a family, read Jonah 1:1–4:11.
Principle: God is gracious and compassionate.
Ask your child: Why did Jonah not want to preach to Nineveh?
Apply: By thanking God for being merciful to sinners.

3/3 Review Sunday