Starting a new church can be a large task. Praise God, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. We thought you might enjoy reading how God's hand has directed this new church in Northwest Arkansas.

The first official meeting of Lifepoint Baptist Church was in the Sienna Estates Clubhouse in Centerton, AR on July 19. God blessed with 24 in attendance. Since that date God has been equipping the new church with a dynamic core group. The church celebrated its Grand Opening on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009.




November 2007 - The Brinson family visits Northwest Arkansas to pray about starting a new church. They arrived with three prayer requests: 1. That they would meet an un-churched person, and that they would be excited to see a new church started. 2. That the pastors of the Arkansas Fellowship would be excited about a new church. 3. That they would leave after three days with total peace from God on what His will is. Upon their arrival to Northwest Arkansas the hotel manager asked why they were visiting, and it afforded the Brinson family the opportunity to share their burden for a new church. The manager replied that when the church gets started to let her know so she could come visit. Another answer to prayer was the overwhelming delight from other Arkansas pastors concerning the new church. After this visit, the Brinson family was at total peace with God's will and started the process to move their family to Arkansas.

July 2008 - After selling their house and saying goodbyes to family, friends and their church, the Brinson family arrived in Centerton, Arkansas on July 7, 2008. God quickly allowed them to establish a friendship with two Christian households, and after two weeks of unpacking, started a Saturday night Bible Study in the clubhouse of their neighborhood.

September 2008 - After five Saturday Bible Studies, the three Christian families wanted to start meeting on Sundays for worship. So on September 7, 2008, these three couples met in the same clubhouse for Sunday worship. They had one room for the adult worship, and one room upstairs for the children. It was the days of cheap rent, just $15 per Sunday. God began to bring other visitors to this new church.

October 2008 - In just a short time, God's blessings flowed to the new church. Many outside partners helped with prayer, equipment and finances. God also blessed with several visitors. The church now averaged over 20, and space was getting tight. October was a time to pray and seek for a new location.

November 2008 - Just down the road from the clubhouse was a storefront with two adjoining spaces open for rent. The people of Lifepoint entered an agreement with the building owner to secure 1400 square feet at the cost of $1,400 per month. The church decided to use the $4,000 they had saved up to remodel the storefront. The rest of November was spent remodeling to prepare the facility for church services.

December 2008 - The people of Lifepoint moved into the remodeled storefront the first Sunday of December and rejoiced that the $4,000 that had been spent on the remodel was given back by a visiting guest. Little did they know, that they had just been used by God to replenish this young church financially. Lifepoint now has a larger area for worship, and two classrooms for the children.

January 2009 - God continues to bless the young church with more guests. They are experiencing more children in attendance than they have had in adults. The two children classrooms are busting at the seams. Lifepoint spoke with the building owner about renting a third storefront for additional classrooms. Later that month, they enter an agreement for another storefront, which gave them 700 square feet for children's ministry and an additional $500 per month in rent. The new storefront was prepped for a grand opening in February.

February 2009 - Lifepoint opened Kidpoint and expands their ministry to 5 classrooms. God not only blessed with additional children and additional space, but additional Bible teachers. God continues to amaze this young church. Currently, this space is used twice during the week for a pantry (Servant's Heart) servicing nearly 700 people monthly with their physical and spiritual needs.

March 2009 - Lifepoint holds their first Missions Emphasis month and starts a missions program. To date, Lifepoint supports the following ministries every month: Baptist Bible College, Robertson's to Costa Rica, Bell's to England, Willbanks' to Italy, Moeller's to Scotland, Ali Alexander to Columbia and the Rogers to Nicaragua. March of 2009 also becomes the month that Lifepoint launches our small group ministry. Through our small group ministry, we focus on building better relationships through the teaching of God's Word.

April 2009 - After forming a core group of believers, Lifepoint hosts its Grand Opening to the community on Easter Sunday.

May 2009 -September 2011 - The church continues to grow and expand its sharing of the good news of King Jesus.

September 2011 - Pastor Mike seeks the council of other pastors, business leaders and other professionals for a new location for Lifepoint.

September 2012 - Lifepoint selects four men to discern God's will for a new location. Pastor Mike does not disclose the location that he and others have picked.

October 2012-May 2013 - This new location committee considers 22 different sites in the Centerton area, and the final pick is the same location that Pastor Mike and other leaders selected.

June 2013 - Lifepoint is informed of the new location, and is asked to pray for the negotiations to go well and to ask God if He wants the church to proceed with purchasing the location.

August 2013 - By a vote, Lifepoint approves the purchase of 5 acres at Gamble and Herbaugh as their future location.

September 8, 2013 - Lifepoint celebrated 5 years of ministry on the land they are pursuing.

November 10, 2013 - Lifepoint receive a special offering and yearly commitment for the land.

January 2014 - Lifepoint signed the papers for the land and has it secured in their name.

December, 2014 - Lifepoint paid off the loan on the 5 acres in one year, praise God!

2015 - Lifepoint worked with the architect and engineer to finalize plans for building.

2016 - Construction documents are being prepared. Lifepoint is taking the architect and engineer plans to contractors for bidding and building.

2017 - Broke ground on our first facility in the Spring.

2018 - Received occupancy of our first facility on July 26,2018.

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